PS4 owners complain and break consoles over Horizon Zero Dawn PC

The Horizon Zero Dawn PC port is now official, with developer Guerrilla Games revealing that the game formerly known as a PS4 exclusive will make its way to PC. Considering that Horizon released back in 2017, it’s arguable that anyone who wanted to play the action RPG has already done so, making its move to PC a way to broaden its audience. However, as is predictably the case, some are outraged by this innocuous development.

Some PS4 owners and overly committed PlayStation fans have expressed outrage over the decision, criticizing Guerrilla and Sony for taking a PS4 exclusive away from the console. This has led to a viral tweet in which an enraged PS4 owner filmed themselves smashing their gaming hardware. “Great way to spend my birthday,” the tweet reads. “Thanks for f***ing nothing”:

More PlayStation followers leapt in with their own criticisms (though stopped short of breaking their PS4s), complaining that 25 years of PlayStation were now “down the drain” as a result of the decision to release a Horizon Zero Dawn PC port:

These responses prompted former Guerrilla Games producer Sam Sharma to step in, tweeting: “What the hell is wrong with you people. We made a game, you enjoyed it. Now some more people get to enjoy it. And somehow that takes away from YOUR enjoyment?!

“Please be kind to yourselves. Your enjoyment of the game has not diminished because some more people get to play it.”

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The complaints stem from concerns that this move will see Sony moving away from releasing PlayStation exclusives. With the PS4 having been hugely successful as a result of exclusive games such as God of WarSpider-Man, and Uncharted 4, some are taking the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port as an indication that Sony will shift from this strategy with the PS5.

However, in the interview with PlayStation Head Herman Hulst that revealed the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port, the Sony boss explained that exclusives would remain a priority for the company.

“We’re very committed to dedicated hardware, as we were before. We’re gonna continue to do that. And we’re very committed to quality exclusives. And to strong narrative-driven, single-player games,” Hulst said.

“At the same time, we’re going to be very open to experimentation, to new ideas,” he continued. “Just trying things out to see what works. I think that’s also very much part of the DNA of Worldwide Studios.”

This points to the Horizon Zero Dawn port being an experiment, rather than the new standard for PlayStation. So despite the complaints and console breakages, Sony is still set to continue releasing exclusives in the future, even if angry future PS5 owners will likely have to occasionally share their games with PC players, too.