Destiny 2 players are furious with Bungie over Season of the Worthy

The state of new Destiny 2 content is apparently not being well-received by the game’s community. Destiny 2 players are furious with Bungie over the current state of the game, with one exasperated Redditor wondering what they’re spending all of that Eververse money on.

“[The] Eververse has turned into a money hole,” stated one Reddit submission on the game’s subreddit. “There’s been so much focus on putting cool stuff out there and I’m sure the income must’ve skyrocketed ever since leaving Activision, but where the hell is that money going to?”

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The state of the /r/DestinyTheGame subreddit (archived for posterity’s sake) is pretty dire. The vast majority of the top 25 submissions are complaining about the quality of the content, the overall design, and the pricing of the Eververse items (among other issues).

It’s not even an issue of spending money to some players — one Redditor would happily put his money where his mouth is if it would mean better content in the end.

“Destiny feels stale and like it’s not moving forward right now,” /u/Nico_LaBras said. “Many already have pointed out that there are many different stories which are not being resolved in any way.”

“I don’t know how Bungie plans to address this issue but IF it is because of financial bottlenecks (F2P, à la carte style expansions, no big publisher) I’d happily pay 15 or even 20 bucks for an expansion,” he added.

Bungie, for their part, has heard the concerns of Destiny 2 players and is currently evaluating the massive amount of feedback they’ve received.