Resident Evil Resistance beta not working on some platforms

It’s finally the day for the beta of Resident Evil Resistance to launch and it looks like it’s having some problems. Gamers on some platforms are seeing the Resident Evil Resistance beta not working on some platforms, spoiling the hotly-anticipated test session.

The franchise’s official Twitter account states that there will be a delay for the PS4 and Steam versions of the Resident Evil Resistance beta. Fortunately for some, the Xbox One version appears entirely unaffected by whatever this problem may be.

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Unfortunately, Capcom did not specify when the beta will be back for the PS4 and Steam. They’re working hard on the issue and will hopefully get it resolved sooner rather than later so that we can get into some great zombie-slaying action.

While some might be sad to see the Resident Evil Resistance beta not working, this kind of problem popping up is exactly why developers run beta tests. Keep your fingers crossed so we won’t be kept waiting too long.