Minecraft newest snapshot wants you to visit a billlion worlds

The Minecraft newest snapshot has arrived just in time for April Fool’s Day and it’s a doozy. The folks at Mojang say that they’ve added 2 billion distinct worlds to Minecraft — and they want you to visit most of them.

The update was announced via a traditionally silly news post on the game’s website. Mojang claims that its added 2,147,483,647 new worlds to the game along with “deep and engaging lore.” The Minecraft newest snapshot is also free of any bugs whatsoever, apparently.

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Mind, this isn’t just a bunch of silly patch notes — an actual new function has been added to the game. Here’s how to use it!

  1. Create a Book & Quill.
  2. Build a Nether Portal.
  3. Write some words in the book.
  4. Throw the book into the Nether Portal. The portal’s color will change.
  5. Jump into the portal to be transported to a new world!

The words in a book appear to act like a seed — writing “Game Revolution” in a book created the haunting floating islands seen in our header image. Creating a book with the same words will always take you to that world. The portal stays locked onto this new world until you throw in another book to change it, and going back through the portal returns you to the real world.

You’ll have to switch to “20w14infinite” on your launcher to access this April Fool’s content. I doubt that anyone is going to actually visit a billion worlds, but there are sure to be some fun new worlds!. Dive into the Minecraft newest snapshot on the Java edition and see what you can discover!