This Animal Crossing checklist makes tracking progress super easy

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a lot of stuff for players to do, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all. That’s why some very cool dudes have created an Animal Crossing checklist website called Completionista to make it easier.

Completionista is still very much in development, but its current set of features is already pretty darn useful for the dedicated New Horizons fan. Best of all, it’s made to work well on PC, tablets, mobile, or even your 3DS!

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Here’s what the Animal Crossing checklist website has right now:

  • Fish & bug prices
  • Fish & bug locations
  • Fish & bug months
  • Fossil prices
  • Nook Mile achievements & rewards

It seems like Completionista is a good place for much of the critical information you’ll need to complete your collection. However, future development is going to make it even better!

A Reddit submission from the creators details some upcoming features. The site isn’t interactive just yet, but they’ll soon allow you to create an account and easily cross off the things you’ve already caught. They’ll also be tossing in categories for flowers, crafting DIYs, and support for the Southern Hemisphere players out there.

Update: Since its original release, the Completionista Animal Crossing checklist website has added a ton of new features. It now includes support for different hemispheres, flowers, crafting DIYs, and collecting villagers! Organization has also improved with albums, column sorting, and more.

For now, you can check out Completionista and take advantage of a bunch of handy information in one place. You can also swing by a different website to see some neat fan-made custom designs!