Blightbound is a darkly mysterious dungeon crawler

Devolver Digital has revealed the next game they’re publishing and it looks pretty darn cool. Blightbound is the latest title from Ronimo Games, and it promises intense dungeon-crawling action for up to three players.

In Blightbound, the evil Shadow Titan was destroyed decades ago by a band of heroes. Unfortunately, its death unleashed the Blight, a terrifying fog that mutates any living creature into horrible monsters. Now, some brave heroes must step up once again to fight against the terror of the night.

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Players can choose from over 20 heroes, crafting and looting hundreds of unique items to aid them in battle. A mountain refuge that serves as one of the few safe bastions of humanity will serve as your base, and you’ll be able to upgrade and improve it in the style of the Suikoden games.

This cool new game is being created by Ronimo Games, a developer that’s best known for its vastly-underappreciated side-scrolling MOBA Awesomenauts. If you’re down for some dungeon-crawling delight, you’ll be happy to hear that a new adventure will be available sometime in 2020. For now, you can add Blightbound to your wishlist on Steam.