New Remedy Entertainment game ‘Big Fish’ leaked via Epic Games Store

new Remedy Entertainment game code-named “Big Fish” has been leaked via the Epic Games Store. The Control and Alan Wake developer has some new projects in the works, and we’ve just gotten our first hint as to what they might be.

Information on Big Fish popped up on, a website that tracks changes to the Epic Games Store in a similar vein to SteamDB. As MP1st reports, three new entries popped up yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere. A search for changes to Remedy’s games on turned up nothing recent, so this seems exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the moment.

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Here are the Epic Games Store entries for a new Remedy Entertainment game:

  • DevGenBigFishAudience
  • BigFishGeneralAudience
  • DevBigFishAudience

We can’t say for sure what exactly this is. Big Fish could be one of the two new multi-platform games that Remedy announced it was publishing via the Epic Games Store earlier this year. It also could be a new piece of DLC for Control, something to do with Alan Wake, or something else entirely.

In any case, Big Fish may very well be our first hints at a new Remedy Entertainment game. What that game (or DLC) might be will, for now, remain a mystery.