Grand Theft Auto 4 PC update brings back old music, but corrupts saves [Update]

UPDATE: It seems as though Rockstar has put out another small update that reverts the game back to its previous form. However, it is unclear (and unlikely) that it also adds the music back in, too.

The Grand Theft Auto 4 PC port has been through some stuff. Not only did it originally release just over seven months after its PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts, but it was also taken off Steam earlier this year and lost some of its music in April 2018 (the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions also lost those tracks). The PC port came back without its multiplayer when it returned back to Steam in March 2020, but those songs did not return. However, Rockstar has finally added back some of the music to the game, but at a cost: your save data.

Some Steam users discussed this 427 MB patch. While some brought up the returning music, others were more vocal over their newly corrupted save data.

“Looks like they sorted out their expired licenses, missing songs and radio stations are back,” said user SpagootNoodels. “Even better, the update corrupted ALL of my save-files. hell yeah!”

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A few others also chimed in with the same issue. And even though this update was supposed to bring joy, it seems to have brought pain for some people. It is even difficult to discern what songs have been added back into the game since all of the chatter around is about the save corruption.

The Rockstar Support Twitter account has not made any statement over the issue. Hopefully, the issue will get worked out soon.