New Battlefield 5 login reward has broken (again)

The new Battlefield 5 login reward has broken once again. New weapons and gadgets are making their debut in Battlefield 5 today, but it seems that some of the people who are logging in aren’t getting all of the new goodies they’ve been promised.

“Update on the New Weapons and Gadgets Login Rewar,” stated a tweet from Battlefield 5’s Community Manager @PartWelsh. “Some of you will have received an initial reward of 16/18 of the Weapons and Gadgets, and then a second award of the final 2[.] Some of you only have these two items. Sit tight, we’re on the case.”

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Battlefield 5 login reward was supposed to give players the new weapons and gadgets that have made their debut in the game’s most recent patch. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s a little bit broken.

This isn’t the first time that Battlefield 5 dropped the ball on in-game giveaways. Earlier this year, a bug popped up during the deployment of Chapter 6 that caused the game to give away free guns; EA DICE ultimately let the players keep the new guns as freebies.

Thankfully, EA DICE seems to be on the case. A subsequent tweet says that EA DICE is getting the missing items out to players now. If you haven’t gotten yours just yet, it should only be a matter of time.