No Man’s Sky update teaser puts fans in a frenzy

A potential No Man’s Sky update teaser is putting fans on Twitter into a frenzy as they speculate about what may be the first look at the game’s next update. There’s just a little problem, though — this No Man’s Sky teaser is a garbled mess that might be the start of a new ARG.

Previously, No Man’s Sky ran a complex Alternate Reality Game (ARG) called Walking Titan. The ARG ran for two “seasons,” each of which lasted several months. The conclusion of each ARG led to the release of the No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises update and the No Man’s Sky NEXT update, respectively.

Now, a strange, two-second video clip has popped up on the game’s official Twitter account. Considering the community’s experience with ARGs thus far, it comes as no surprise that several people are carefully dismantling this possible No Man’s Sky update teaser to see if there are any interesting images within:

One fan has gone even deeper than analyzing the imagery of this strange two-second video by analyzing the sound waves to see if anything is in there.

It doesn’t seem that anything substantial has been uncovered just yet, but the Internet sleuths who are good at cracking these kinds of puzzles have only had roughly an hour to figure it out so far. Two seconds of video can potentially include a ton of information — even if it doesn’t seem like there’s anything there.

Considering the timeline of the previous ARGs, this No Man’s Sky update teaser might eventually lead to a new update in the next few weeks. For now, we can sit back and watch ARG enthusiasts try to unpack this mysterious puzzle.