Here’s Geoff Keighley holding a PS5 controller

Geoff Keighley has quite the Summer GameFest full of reveals, interviews, and giant Crash Bandicoots and he’s about to have another first. Keighley is going hands-on with the PS5 controller — the Dualsense — and will share his impressions to the world before anyone else. He will put the video out on his thoughts on July 17 at 9 AM PT.

The Game Awards’ host and creator tweeted this announcement out and attached a short video teasing his upcoming impressions. No one has spoken about the Dualsense in this capacity yet as we’ve only seen it in trailers and such since its reveal during the PS5 stream.

Well, at least this is the first official look at the controller in a person’s hands, as a picture allegedly leaked out showing the Dualsense in someone’s grubby palms last week. That photo made the pad look rather large, but it was likely a result of the angle that distorted the controller just enough to look like a massive unit. While the Dualsense does look bigger than the Dualshock 4, it doesn’t appear to nearly as massive as some might have initially thought. Keighley will probably give the full rundown tomorrow to settle this.