Fall Guys server issues mean that Twitch streamers are endlessly falling

Fall Guys server issues are preventing players from accessing the game, with them being stuck in a state of permanently falling before being booted out to the lobby. This is a peculiar issue for Twitch streamers, given that the game is proving to be a huge underdog hit on the platform, raking in more total views than the likes of Fortnite and League of Legends. As a result, the most-viewed game on Twitch currently has a huge number of players sitting and looking at an error screen.

When you currently try to play a game of Fall Guys, you’ll be stuck in an endless loop of falling. Usually, this is the screen you’ll be greeted by before you’re placed in a match. However, due to its server issues, players are instead placed in an endless falling animation before inevitably being kicked out of the lobby.

This has led to streamers becoming creative. Twitch partner Lirik, one of Fall Guys‘ most popular streamers with over 2.6 million followers, has been watching a chef make an omelet with 60 eggs:

Meanwhile, the rest of Twitch has just been stuck staring at this screen on an infinite loop, trying to keep Fall Guys‘ high number of viewers stuck to their channel while simultaneously not having anything in particular to stream:

fall guys twitch

Fall Guys‘ teething issues are to be expected, considering Mediatonic is a small team and the game has launched with a ton of players trying to access it. With it being free on PS Plus and already extremely popular on PC, comparisons have been made with Rocket League, which also suffered launch problems due to an unexpectedly huge number of players trying to access it.

Hopefully, Fall Guys will eventually right its server issues and be able to play. In the meantime, you can watch our Fall Guys Twitch stream handily recorded before the game decided to blow up: