Fall Guys are actually made of dead Fall Guys, apparently

Fall Guys look cute, but everything might not be what it seems. According to publisher Devolver Digital, the jelly bean-shaped game show contestants are actually made up of “fallen Fall Guys.” Yes, it seems that Fall Guys are actually made of their dead.

Given that Fall Guys is one of the biggest success stories of 2020 so far, it’s inevitable that questions have been raised about the Fall Guys themselves. Since developer Mediatonic released the massively multiplayer party game, players have already had questions about the Fall Guys’ height, their origins, and whether or not they’re wearing costumes or if that’s what they actually look like.

However, Devolver has answered a question no one was asking, and it has provided an answer we didn’t want to read. Fall Guys are made up of dead Fall Guys.

Devolver made the admission on Twitter, and it’s certainly put a different spin on what was otherwise a family-friendly game:

We’re unsure if Fall Guys being made from the bones of their rivals is canonical, but either way, it’s certainly creepy. We imagine the world surrounding its virtual game show to revolve around taking the Guys who fall and processing their remains to produce more contestants.

This also raises the question: does Fall Guys‘ world solely revolve around the game show? Or are there other beings watching the show who keep creating these adorable jelly bean characters, only to have them continuously compete against one another. Are these other beings us..?

Devolver has opened a can of beans here we wish would have remained sealed. Hopefully, we don’t start receiving more terrifying Fall Guys lore in the game’s upcoming update.