Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy will feature Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher

Splinter Cell frontman Sam Fisher will debut in the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy expansion as the operator Zero. We haven’t gotten much info about Sam Fisher’s appearance in R6 besides his codename and a brief teaser trailer, with a full reveal coming Sunday, August 6.

Bringing Sam Fisher to Rainbow Six Siege is yet another tease for a potential new Splinter Cell game. However, Ubisoft hasn’t made any announcements on if and when Splinter Cell will return. The franchise’s last main entry was 2013’s Blacklist, but we’ve heard whisperings of a new title in development for several years now. These rumors seem to be backed up by Ubisoft’s enthusiastic use of Sam Fisher in its other titles, and the development of a Splinter Cell anime series for Netflix.

It remains to be seen what Sam’s role in the Operation Shadow Legacy story will be. Perhaps this will be a run-up to the reveal of a new Splinter Cell game. Alternatively, it could just be Ubisoft pulling fans’ chains again. We can guess that as Zero, Sam will specialize in stealth and scouting. We’ll likely see some of his trademark gadgets and equipment (including his trademark night-vision goggles) adapted for Rainbow Six Siege‘s gameplay.

One thing in question about Sam’s latest appearance is whether or not Michael Ironside will be returning to voice him. The teaser trailer only gives us a brief sentence from Sam, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s Ironside speaker or someone trying to sound like him. Hopefully, the actor behind Sam’s iconic voice will make a return as it just won’t feel the same without him.

We’ll know more about Sam “Zero” Fisher’s appearance in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy soon. You can tune into the full reveal of the expansion during the Rainbow Six Siege NA-Mini Major Finals on Twitch on August 16.