New Batman game teaser challenges players with a puzzle

new Batman game teaser has been revealed by WB Games Montreal, tantalizing players with the possibilities of the Caped Crusader’s next great adventure. What’s more, the odds are looking good that Batman: Court of Owls will be revealed soon.

Everything kicked off with a tweet from WB Games Montreal. The tweet contains what appears to be a bit of Morse Code that translates to “MWWJ,” a message that we can’t quite decipher just yet. That same tweet leads to another Twitter account named @r3dakt3d.

The new Batman game teaser only gets stranger from there. The @r3dakt3d Twitter has a video embedded in it which shows a red circle and occasional flashes of images, one of which looks a heck of a lot like an owl.

new Batman game teaser hidden Twitter

In a similar vein, the website has been revealed. This website had a bunch of flashing squares, some kind of timer at the bottom, and a curious message for people viewing the site.


Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) and puzzles teasing an upcoming game certainly aren’t anything new. So far, all we’ve discovered is some suggestive imagery and a strange proclivity for the number 3 — note how both the “r3dact3d” Twitter and website substitute a 3 for the letter E and how a similar substitution takes place for one letter on the website.

We saw the first hints of the Court of Owls in late 2018. Following that, some game art may have leaked in early 2019. Things have been mostly quiet until this puzzling new teaser popped up.

So what does all of the information in this new Batman game teaser mean? As best as I can tell, the number 3 doesn’t have any particular significance in the history of the Court of Owls, nor does “MWWJ.” The Court of Owls is a council of sorts, so it may mean that we’ll have to face three specific enemies in this new game.

Either way, there’s one other significant number in this likely Batman: Court of Owls teaser: 8/18. We’ll probably find out more tomorrow — unless the Internet sleuths manage to decode something in this wonderfully strange puzzle.