Red Dead Redemption 2 fan gets stuck in Hurricane Laura after marathon session

Credit: Reddit/u/ronnieth024

We’ve all had one of those marathon gaming sessions every now and again, but one Red Dead Redemption 2 fan reportedly picked the worst time to ignore the outside world. According to him, he was so involved with grinding in Red Dead Online that’s he’s effectively been stuck in the path of Hurricane Laura.

The Redditor — using a “throwaway” account to preserve his anonymity — starts by saying that he was one of many people laid off during COVID-19 and has been recently playing a lot of Red Dead Online to fill the time. Unfortunately, this obsession almost caused him some huge problems.

“I [haven’t really] done much lately but binge Read Dead Online trying to [bring] my level up,” he said in the Reddit submission. “I [don’t] have social media other than Reddit. And I honestly [can’t] recall seeing any articles about any hurricane. I also [don’t] have cable, just paid services like [Amazon Prime] and [Netflix].”

“Finally, a few hours ago I ran across an article about a hurricane headed for Louisiana,” they continued. “I looked it up on [] and it now appears I am in the unsurvivable zone of a storm surge.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 fan marathon gaming session hurricane

The submission was made in the /r/tifu subreddit, a community for people telling stories where “Today I F**ked Up.” Missing out on an oncoming hurricane is a pretty big screwup and the submission was quite popular.

Don’t worry for this enthusiastic gamer, though! Although his Red Dead Redemption 2 binge almost made him miss out on evacuating, a number of helpful Redditors gave him useful advice and he’s safely made his way outside of the storm zone.

“A friendly redditor dm’d me the location of a gas station that still had gas,” the user said in an update. “This allowed me to gas up while the eye was over Lake Charles and the storm wasn’t so bad.

“I’ve made it 3/4 of my way to Shreveport where I will be staying, out of harm’s way,” he continued. “The storm is bad but I’m ahead of it now.”

It seems that all’s well that end’s well for this one unfortunate RDR2 player, and good job to their fellow Reddit users for helping them to safety.