Marvel’s Avengers Xbox achievements are broken for players

Marvel’s Avengers Xbox achievements are broken for players, some of whom are reporting more than a dozen non-functional achievements in this newest game from Crystal Dynamics.

Every now and again, players will have a game where one or two achievements are broken. Unfortunately, it looks like quite a few Marvel’s Avengers Xbox achievements aren’t quite working as they should according to a thread on True Achievements.

The list of broken Xbox achievements contains 15 achievements in total, and many of these appear to follow a pattern. Achievements where players have to cumulatively complete a task — such as “Information Overload”‘s requirement to collect 50 intelligence files — are just not working at all.

This is backed by the Marvel’s Avengers Xbox achievements tracker on True Achievements. Thousands of gamers are keeping track using this website and many of the achievements show some level of completion, but there are several notable entries that have been acquired by exactly zero players.

Marvel's Avengers Xbox achievements not unlocking Kamala

What’s the problem, then? According to one user on the TrueAchievements forum, the developers have said that it might take a little while for these achievements to unlock.

“We appreciate your patience, right now we are trying to fix this issue in particular, the achievements can take up to 24 hours, it’s being looked into on the delay though,” read a reported response to a customer service ticket about the problem.

However, a more serious issue may be happening. A further update to that same user suggests that a patch to fix this issue may soon be on the way.

“We really appreciate your report and apologize for the inconvenience you have been experiencing,” read a reported update to a customer service ticket. “We have forwarded your details to the appropriate department to be reviewed and investigated. While we can’t assist immediately with this directly, please make sure to be on the lookout for an update or patch which will help resolve this concern soon.”

These broken Marvel’s Avengers Xbox achievements are sure to disappoint some early adopters of the game, but it looks like Crystal Dynamics are on the case. Hopefully, gamers will be rewarded for their completed achievements once a patch sorts out this issue.