Marvel’s Avengers leak reveals the first MCU skin is Endgame Professor Hulk

There’s a lot of great additions coming to the beleaguered Marvel’s Avengers game, and along with the likes of Black Panther, one of the most interesting was the long-awaited introduction of Marvel Cinematic Universe-themed skins. These were promised in a recent Marvel’s Avengers roadmap but have yet to materialize, but now we have a Professor Hulk skin leak to give us our first look at what looks to be the first MCU skins coming to the game.

Marvel’s Avengers game Professor Hulk skin leak reveal

This first Marvel’s Avengers MCU skin leak gives us our first look at the outfit for Hulk as he appears in the Avengers Endgame movie, popularly known as Professor Hulk, or more specifically the Ant-Man-style suit that Hulk wears to travel through time. The Professor Hulk skin leak first appeared on Twitter, which was followed up by a short video posted on Reddit.

First MCU video skin leaked from PlayAvengers

Players seem to have been able to at least view the Professor Hulk skin early through a glitch on the main menu, which occasionally causes the new skin to load in. However, it can’t be purchased or selected, which is why the only images so far are from the main menu and store.

Professor hulk MCU skin glitch (not mine originally but from a user on another forum) from PlayAvengers

As of now, the new Marvel’s Avengers Hulk skin is not playable in-game, and there have been no reports of any other MCU skin leaks or glitches for any of the other characters, just the Professor Hulk one. While Square Enix has given no specific release date for the Professor Hulk skin it continues to roll out regular patches for the game, including upgrades to PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, so it seems likely they’ll be coming soon.

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