Disgaea 4 Complete+ launches early on Steam

Surprise! Disgaea 4 Complete+ has launched a little earlier than expected on Steam, finally letting PC players experience the world of this fantastically Hellish RPG.

Early this year, NIS America made the announcement that the newest edition of Disgaea 4 would be making its way to Steam sometime in the Fall of 2020. Although the seasons don’t change for a couple of weeks, it seems that NIS was able to get the game out on Steam anyway and you can buy it right now!

Disgaea 4 Complete+ has players taking on the role of the vampire Valvatorez, joined by more than 30 unlockable characters and a lengthy story campaign. The corrupt government of Hades is threatening to disrupt everyone’s way of unlife and Valvatorez finds himself at the head of a revolution!

Disgaea games can be a boatload of fun and this latest release promises a lengthy story for players to enjoy, along with the ability to play custom games and and extra story missions. There’s one downside, though — the Steam Store page warns that some online features won’t be available at launch.

Still, this is an RPG that’s well worth picking up! You can buy Disgaea 4 Complete+ on Steam for $29.99 or your regional equivalent thanks to a 25% off launch week discount. This discount goes away on September 17, 2020, so don’t delay!