PS4 update 8.00 concerns players with ‘voice chats may be recorded’ message

The latest PS4 8.00 update has concerned console owners, with the new party settings telling them that their “voice chats may be recorded” when in parties. The new update has caused some privacy concerns in the process, with #PS4Update trending globally on Twitter as PS4 owners criticized the change.

After downloading the PS4 8.00 update, players are given a message informing them of the changes are trying to create a party. “Voice chats may be recorded for moderation,” the message reads. “By joining, you agree to being moderated.”

‘Voice Chats May Be Recorded’ and ‘About Party Safety’ messages cause controversy

ps4 about party safety

Additionally, a new message informing PS4 owners about party safety now appears following the update. This informs players that “voice chats in parties may be recorded and sent to us by other users,” and that by participating in voice chats, users therefore agree to their voices being recorded.

Sony notes that after receiving these messages, they review the reports and check them to see if genuine violations have been made. The company states that these recordings will be used solely for “safety and moderation purposes” by its team.

While PS4 owners have been alarmed by the new message, Sony has always had the right to listen to voice recordings and moderate them accordingly. As such, these messages may be disconcerting, but they aren’t evidence of a change in Sony’s policies.

The PS4 update has been largely derided by console owners, with many reporting that it has prohibited them from accessing their friends lists, stopped them from entering party chat, and displayed an error code. The update has been deployed a month ahead of the PS5 launch, with Sony revealing in its patch notes that the update will carry some features over to the new console.