Nintendo Switch shortage might be over — after the holidays

The 2020 Nintendo Switch shortage has made getting a new console a real challenge. Scalpers have charged absurd prices and most retailers have little or no stock. Nintendo Switch production is finally returning to normal, but it might still be difficult to get one for Christmas.

Nintendo has just released its 2nd quarter financial report of the year. The report highlights some notable wins for the company such as the stellar sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a game that got its own special edition Nintendo Switch console. Most importantly, Nintendo has said that Nintendo Switch production has returned to normal — but that doesn’t mean it will be easier to find a console anytime soon.

Why the Nintendo Switch shortage isn’t quite over

Nintendo Switch shortage Animal Crossing console

Nintendo’s newest financial report has promising news for fans who want to get a console — production has finally returned to normal. The company had previously made efforts to increase production amidst the pandemic, but it was challenging to keep up with a greatly increased demand for the console. The Nintendo Switch shortage may end soon, but Nintendo cautions that some regions will still face difficulties.

“Hardware production is proceeding normally, and we are increasing shipments in preparation for the holiday season,” read a portion of Nintendo’s most recent financial report (via Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad). “However, demand remains high and there continue to be shortages in some regions, so we are working to deliver products to consumers as soon as possible.”

The Nintendo Switch shortage is still quite evident on Amazon. While the Gray Joy-Con Nintendo Switch is available at its normal price of $299.99, the Red and Blue Joy-Con Nintendo Switch still has an inflated price of $389.99 — it would actually be cheaper to buy the Gray Joy-Con console and pick up the colored Joy-Cons separately. As for the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch, it’s currently sold out.

Christmas and the holiday season are less than two months away — now is the time when a lot of people will be buying gifts for their friends and family. If you miss out on getting one this year, there’s one upside — the Nintendo Switch shortage isn’t likely to be an issue after the 2020 holidays are over.