Animal Crossing Winter Update still doesn’t fix one controversial problem

The Animal Crossing Winter Update has been announced, finally bringing Turkey Day and Toy Day to the game just in time for the holidays. This update also adds new reactions, storage expansions, and the much-requested Save Transfer feature — but it still fails to fix one serious problem with Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has released new content for players every month or two; previous updates in recent months have brought fall foliage and spooky Halloween decorations for players to enjoy. This next update confirms the appearance of Franklin and Jingle and Save Transfer – but this new feature isn’t at great as players might have hoped for.

The Animal Crossing Winter Update finally adds Save Transfer — but there’s a catch

Animal Crossing Winter Update New Horizons new reactions

Among other features, the Animal Crossing Winter Update is finally adding a Save Transfer system and fixing one of the most serious problems in the game. Players will be able to move an entire island to another Nintendo Switch console or any one of the residents, with one crucial exception.

“Use [the Resident Move (Single Player Transfer)] feature if you wish to transfer just one resident to a new Nintendo Switch system. The resident, the resident’s home, and most items held by the resident and kept in storage will be transferred to an island on the new Nintendo Switch system. The island resident representative cannot be transferred.”

Simply put, anyone who isn’t the Resident Rep can be moved to another Nintendo Switch console (and consequently, another island) after this update lands on November 19, 2020. Unfortunately, the Resident Rep cannot be moved on their own — they’re inextricably tied to the island. This means that there is still no ability to change the Resident Representative as of this update.

The inability to change the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Resident Representative may be disappointing to some, with there also being a lengthy wait until the game’s next update in January 2021. However, Nintendo has certainly fixed a lot of player problems with this latest update; hopefully, players won’t have to wait too much longer for them to fix the rest.