Poké Ball Replica: Pokemon and The Wand Company reveal official collectible

A new Poké Ball replica has been revealed by Pokemon and The Wand Company, with the officially licensed merchandise being announced in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

The new die-cast Poké Ball was revealed today, with it being the first official product of its kind. The collectible features touch and proximity-sensing technology, allowing its lighting to glow when the user’s hand is nearby. It also mimics the Pokemon-catching sequence from the anime, with double-clicking changing its light from white, to red, to green.

The Poké Ball replica comes with its own display case and illuminates its presentation case. Each presentation case comes with its own unique hologram, along with a steel ring so that you can choose how to display your Poké Ball.

The Poké Ball is made out of a detailed metal shell along with a deeply colored finish. The Wand Company has stated that more Poké Ball collectibles will be on their way, with this particular range being the first. This means that these replicas will be ideal for collectors, with it unclear how many will be produced within each batch.

The replica can be opened, with it featuring a “softly swirling glow” inside the ball. Users can also adjust the color of this lighting using the touch-sensitive name plaque on the front of the presentation case, choosing from up to seven different hues of lighting.

Poké Ball replica release date

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The Poké Ball replica will be available to purchase in select retailers on February 27, 2021. This is known to Poké-fans as Pokemon Day, so it will be an apt collectible for this celebration.

Where can I buy it?

You can pre-order the Poké Ball replica from Amazon right here. The product is currently unavailable, though bookmarking that page will allow you to stay up to date about the availability of pre-orders.