The PS3 gets a new update 14 years after launch

A little over 14 years after its initial release, the PS3 is still getting updates. PS3 update 4.87 released overnight, and as one could expect, it doesn’t add any new features to the console. However, those still using the PlayStation 3 as a Blu-ray player will be happy to hear that the system update 4.87 firmware contains the latest security keys, so users should be able to continue all the latest movie releases.

PS3 Update 4.87 Patch Notes

PS3 Startup Screen

Sony keeps its habit of being extremely brief with its firmware update patch notes. PS3 system update 4.87 only has two changes:

  • Updated Blu-ray keys for new movie releases.
  • Minor Security fix

Should I update to PS3 Update 4.87?

No problems have been reported yet for those running firmware 4.87, so those using their PS3 under normal conditions should be able to update without worry. It’s a very minor patch, much like the 4.86 update the system received in March of this year.

However, those running CFW should hold off on any system updates. No anti-hack measures have been reported in CFW 4.87, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The last feature update for the PS3 was in October 2013. System software 4.50 added privacy settings for trophies, extended automatic firmware updates to all users, and added Closed Captions settings. This update also marked the official branding change from “PlayStation Network” to “PSN.”

It’s impressive to see that Sony is still updating the PS3, even if it’s just minor bug fixes and Blu-ray keys. At 14 years, the console likely takes the record as the longest supported console platform. It’s a good thing, too, as backward compatibility hasn’t been a priority for Sony, and many of the PS3’s best titles are still only playable on their original release console.

Players might have issues finding PS5s, but Sony’s track record supporting the PS3 bodes well for those who are still primarily using the PS4.