Why Metroid Prime 4 could be revealed at The Game Awards 2020

Metroid Prime 4 could finally be revealed at The Game Awards 2020, with Metroid-related news seemingly on its way to the show. While Nintendo has yet to confirm what it will be showing at the event, there’s evidence to suggest that Samus could be added to Fortnite — though that might not be all.

Noted Metroid enthusiast Brie Larson is set to present at The Game Awards next week, fueling speculation that she may be involved in a new Fortnite and Nintendo crossover. Rumors abound that Samus will be a new skin added to the game, following PlayStation’s Kratos and Microsoft’s leaked Master Chief skins. As Brie has previously expressed her interest in portraying Samus in a movie, we predicted that the actress may unveil a new Fortnite Samus skin at the event.

Will a new Metroid Prime 4 trailer be shown at The Game Awards 2020?

metroid prime 4 new trailer

However, little is still known about the upcoming Metroid Prime 4. After development on the sequel was restarted back in 2019, Nintendo and developer Retro Studios have been radio silent about its release. In October, Best Buy posted a placeholder listing for the game, the only indicator that a new announcement could be on its way.

While speculation that Samus will be revealed as the next Fortnite crossover skin at The Game Awards 2020 is looking increasingly likely, there could be another Metroid announcement at the show. Nintendo currently has few big-name games on its Switch release calendar, with the mysterious Metroid Prime 4 being one of them. The Game Awards 2020 would be the perfect venue for the game’s first proper trailer, and Samus’ expected appearance at the show makes this a possibility.

But while a new Metroid Prime 4 development update could happen, there are some roadblocks when it comes to the theory that gameplay may be shown at the event. For one, its development being wholly restarted has led to a new team being placed at its helm. This has seen Retro Studios posting a job listing for a lead producer as recently as August, a major role that suggests the game isn’t ready to be revealed to the general public. Additionally, Retro recruited former Sony Santa Monica senior game designer Jon Marcella in September.

A project like Metroid Prime 4 being rebuilt from the ground up takes time, and these job listings from Retro suggests that its team for the game has yet to be fully formed. As such, a Metroid Prime gameplay reveal at The Game Awards 2020 would be an optimistic prediction. However, if Samus is set to be announced as the next Fortnite skin, Nintendo could capitalize on this with another Metroid announcement. If this is the case, then we could see Metroid Prime 4 at TGA 2020 in some capacity — even if fans shouldn’t go in expecting too much, given the circumstances.