Fortnite’s controversial planes are set to make a return this season

After spending more than a year rusting away in the vault, flyable planes appear to be finally returning to Fortnite. Many players hated biplanes back in the day, which makes bringing Fortnite planes back in Chapter 2 Season 5 a controversial move by Epic Games. Love it or hate it, the Santa biplane vehicle seem to be here for the holiday season.

Planes could be back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Are planes back in Fortnite

Fighting aerial aggressors from ground level is a notoriously frustrating task across all of gaming. In Fortnite that can be especially true, as losing to an unbalanced and overpowered plane means backing out and starting over. Presumably, Epic has made some necessary balancing tweaks to prevent the festive Fortnite Christmas plane from ruining players’ holidays.

It appears that planes are coming back to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 5. Dataminers discovered the “SantaBiplaneVehicle” asset in the v15.00 game files, which confirmed speculation based on a leaked Fortnite Winterfest 2020 teaser video.

Rumors of planes coming back to Fortnite started late last week when the aforementioned leaked promo footage surfaced. It showcases a Christmas-themed biplane that immediately got players talking and, naturally, dataminers mining. It wasn’t long before TweaBR posted confirmation, which was then backed up by iFireMonkey.

Colorful Christmas lights cover the new Fortnite biplane, which, according to the game files, may belong to Santa Clause. It’s likely that this iteration of the plane will only stick around for the holiday season, but whether a default plane skin will take its place afterward remains to be seen. Epic may make that decision based on how well the community receives planes returning to Fortnite, so here’s hoping that the implementation is less flawed this time around.

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