Fortnite modder teases ability to return to past seasons and live events

The ability to return to previous seasons and relive Fortnite live events of the past is something that all players would no doubt enjoy. For veterans, it’s a chance at nostalgia, while newcomers would get to experience epic events that they had missed out on. These wonderful trips back in time are exactly what modder Mix is teasing on Twitter.

Will players be able to revisit old Fortnite seasons?

Can you go back to old Fortnite seasons

Players will be able to revisit old Fortnite seasons and events using a modding project.

Assuming the project isn’t shut down by Epic Games, players will be able to use mods to load old season maps and trigger live events. This is according to modder Mix who has posted screenshots and videos of an offline mod that allows access to a wide range of in-game assets.

Above is Thanos high above the map, teasing at the potential of a mod that lets players use various limited-time mode skins, move between seasons, as well as access live events.

Members of the Fortnite community are already getting hyped about the possibilities of this offline mod, expressing their joy at returning to different moments in time from Fortnite seasons of the past.

Dataminer Lucas7yoshi posted a meme that references the volcano eruption:

Another prominent leaker, VenomLeaks, expressed how it’s going to be a good feature for people who missed live events:

Mix hasn’t yet provided details on how players can access the mod. It’s also not yet clear how Epic Games will respond to this.

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