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Fortnite | ‘Ignite opponents with fire’ challenge not working fix

The Fortnite “Ignite opponents with fire” challenge is not working for some players. With fire damage being tricky to master, it can be incredibly frustrating when Fortnite isn’t seemingly not counting it. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to fix and complete this challenge on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iPhone.

How to fix the Fortnite “Ignite opponents with fire” challenge

Fortnite 'Ignite opponents with fire' challenge not working fix

To fix the Fortnite “Ignite opponents with fire” challenge, players must ensure that they are causing fire damage to enemies.

Explosive damage does not count as fire damage. Splash damage from explosions that sets enemies on fire does count, however. To complete this challenge, players will want to focus on causing fire damage instead of explosive damage.

How to complete the “Ignite opponents with fire” challenge in Fortnite

  1. Equip the Firefly Jar.
  2. Use the Firefly Jar to ignite opponents with splash damage.
  3. Avoid direct impacts.
  4. The challenge will be completed when 10 ticks of damage have been dealt.

Some users have reported that setting themselves on fire will also complete the challenge. It may be worth trying that for an easy completion.

This challenge does seem to be a little glitchy and inconsistent. It may take multiple attempts for it to be completed. Stick with it and keep dealing fire damage until the objective is finished.

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