Terraria creator on Stadia cancelation: Google ‘values their partners so little’

Terraria creator Andrew Spinks has revealed that he will be canceling the Google Stadia version of the name, stating that the company “values their customers and partners so little.” The news comes after Spinks was reportedly locked out of his Google account for over three weeks, with the developer asserting that he had not broken the company’s Terms of Service.

Spinks made the revelation on Twitter, claiming that he had used every resource available to him in order to resolve the issue, but that he was still locked out of his Google account. This included his Google Drive account, Gmail, and the “thousands of dollars of apps” he had purchased using the Google Play Store.

Terraria Stadia canceled: “Doing business with [Google] is a liability”

Not only did Spinks state that his frustrations with Google would lead to Terraria being canceled on Stadia, but that his company Re-Logic would refuse to support any future Google platforms. It’s unclear if this means that future Re-Logic games won’t appear on Android — Terraria is available on the Google Play Store, though the port was developed by Codeglue and published by 505 Games.

Spinks also called Google a “liability” in a series of tweets, noting that the bridge is now burned between the two parties:

In a now-deleted tweet, Google’s Jetha Chan — listed as a Technical Account Manager for Stadia on LinkedIn — requested that Spinks reach out to him in a direct message. Chan said that they were “so sorry” that Spinks was facing issues with his Google account, and wanted to look into a resolution. Spinks’ tweets remain online at the time of this writing, with it unclear if a resolution was reached between the two parties.

Given that Google is winding down support of exclusive Stadia games after shutting down its internal studios this month, the platform will become reliant on third-party games such as Terraria. As such, Spinks’ problems with Google points to a wider issue the company has experienced when it comes to fostering talent and encouraging developers to work with Stadia.