Overwatch PachiMarchi event centers around those cute, weird onions

While the annual Anniversary event is still a couple of months off, Blizzard thought to add in another less typical into its hero shooter: the Overwatch PachiMarchi event. This bizarre celebration revolves around those cute onion-like objects called “Pachimari” that are seen around the game’s world and in its cosmetics.

Overwatch PachiMarchi event start date

Blizzard announced this surprise event on Twitter and it will last from March 9 to March 22, which sort of calls into question the annual Archives event that starts around the same time every year. The short announcement video shows the Hanamura map with dozens of Pachimari raining down from the skies.

The developer didn’t share much else as the short video doesn’t do much in the way of explaining what the event actually is. No game modes or skins were hinted at or shown. It mainly just feels like a joke and a grand opportunity to make a pun around these cute little plushies.

But even if it is currently covered in secrecy, it’s most likely going to be like other timed mini-events and feature a skin that players can earn if they win enough games in the two-week period. Blizzard tends to pepper in these mini-events in between bigger events. Other recent examples are the Kyōgisha event that Blizzard revealed in January alongside a new map as well as the Sigma Maestro challenge from July 2020. The new cosmetics for the PachiMarchi event will assuredly be covered in Pachimari symbols, but it isn’t clear who the lucky hero (or heroes) will be.

According to Kotaku, Concept Artist David Kang created them to put in the game’s claw machines. However, not all players will see these Pachimari toys since they don’t show up when the PC graphics are set to “Low” or in some of the maps on Switch. Of course, Blizzard also sells a ton of real-life Pachimari gear that ranges from plushies to clothing to backpacks.