New Fortnite Victory Umbrella revealed to be the ‘Foundational ‘Brella’

Fortnite Season 6 Victory Umbrella

The new Fortnite Victory Umbrella has been leaked ahead of the Season 6 launch, giving players a tease at what they can soon unlock in-game. As veteran players might expect, the Fortnite Season 6 Victory Umbrella is themed around the new season. While it maintains a metallic appearance, it is also decorated with symbols and wooden accents.

How to unlock the Fortnite Season 6 Victory Umbrella

Fortnite Season 6 Victory Umbrella

To unlock the Fortnite Season 6 Victory Umbrella, players need to win a match in Solos, Duos, or Squads. Once the match has been completed with a “Victory Royale” achieved, the Foundational ‘Brella will be available to equip.

Depending on how the skill-based matchmaking is skewed, the difficulty of winning in Fortnite can vary from player to player. Those that won a lot of matches before Chapter 2 Season 6 began, may find that they are in lobbies filled with other skillful players. This will make it tricky to get a quick win in Season 6.

For those who haven’t won many matches or who are new to the game, lobbies will likely be filled with generally less capable players or even bots. The latter will make unlocking the Fortnite Foundational ‘Brella much easier!

Win the match as soon as possible to equip the umbrella and taunt other players who haven’t managed to get it yet. Though, after the weekend, expect to see everyone rocking it in the lobby. Then it’s probably time to equip a new Battle Pass umbrella or something!

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