Among Us Lover role curses two players with a twisted fate

The Lover role in Among Us is a mod that causes two players to fall in love. When in love, the players have to work together to stay alive. Should one Lover die, the other will die as well. It’s like an Among Us’ take on Romeo and Juliet (spoilers). Here’s how to download and get the Lover role in Among Us.

How to become the Lover in Among Us

Among Us Lover role

To become the Lover in Among Us, players must do the following:

  1. Find out what version of Among Us you are playing.
  2. Download the Among Us Lovers role mod that supports your version of the game.
  3. Install the mod following the instructions.
  4. Boot up the game and hope that you are randomly selected to be a Lover.

Two players are randomly assigned to be Lovers, they aren’t told who the other Lover is, but their fates are tied. Should one die, so does the other. However, if both Lovers survive until there are only three players remaining, they win.

It’s possible to be a Lover and Impostor at the same time, which can make for some interesting results. Being a Lover Impostor and attempting to kill a Lover Crewmate will result in both players dying.

Mods like the Lover role are currently only available on PC. Here’s hoping iPhone, Android, and Nintendo Switch players will be able to experience enhancements like this soon.

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