Friday Night Funkin Week 7 crashes as Kickstarter soars

Friday Night Funkin’, the cartoony rhythm action game on Newgrounds, is going from strength to strength as it hits Week 7 and launches a Kickstarter for a standalone experience. However, the game’s success hasn’t been without problems, as Week 7 is currently unplayable thanks to a complete crash at Newgrounds, leaving fans more than a little frustrated. Here’s what the FNF Week 7 crash is all about.

Newgrounds Friday Night Funkin Week 7 crash explained

Friday Night Funkin’, if you didn’t know, is a rhythm action game that’s essentially a playable cartoon. It’s freely available on Newgrounds, but as of right now there is a full Newgrounds crash that is preventing fans from checking out Friday Night Funkin’ Week 7.

This is most likely due to the popularity of the game and the recent launch of the standalone Friday Night Funkin’ Kickstarter campaign. Described as “the full-ass game,” the Friday Night Funkin’ Kickstarter goal of $60,000 was reached pretty much immediately. As of writing it’s currently surpassed $500,000 and it’s consistently rising.

The popularity of the Kickstarter is most likely directly connected with the Friday Night Funkin’ Newgrounds crash as it directly links to Week 7 as a demo, which is probably what overloaded the servers.

So is it possible to play Friday Night Funkin’ Week 7 right now? Various mod sites claim to have links to a playable version of Week 7, although many players are reporting that this isn’t working for them either. If you’re looking for a definite Friday Night Funkin’ Week 7 fix you’ll have to wait until the Newgrounds page goes back online, which hopefully shouldn’t take too long.

Fans should hope Friday Night Funkin’ is back online soon, but there is still plenty of cartoon gaming chaos in the week so far. The new Among Us Lover mod makes two players fall in love and have to stick together to stay alive. There’s an unofficial Rocket League 2D version that seems even more chaotic than the 3D version. Plus, for everyone who loves Fall Guys, you can now pick up some Fall Guys plush toys to cuddle when you fall off that mountain again.