Fortnite’s double movement makes crossplay a nightmare for console players

While it still retains its status as one of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite is not without its weird glitches or freezes and even its irritating problems. Some of those glitches are helpful, however, so Epic’s removal of the Fortnite double movement issue last year left PC players at a disadvantage, leaving some of them to turn off crossplay. However, it seems Fortnite double movement is back, but not in the way players might expect. What is Fortnite double movement, and how can PC players access it?

How to do Fortnite double movement

Fortnite double movement is the ability to bind movement inputs to two keys. Players using mouse and keyboard on PC would do this in order to better emulate console controller movement, where it’s much easier to strafe in one direction and aim in another. For some reason, Epic removed double movement last year, but can still be emulated with third-party programs such as ReWASD and Keys2xInput.

According to streamer BenjyFishy, he got in touch with someone from Epic and claims that players will not be banned for using these programs:

Benjy says on stream that he is using rewasd and in isnt bannable from FortniteCompetitive

While ReWASD only offers a free trial and is eventually pay-to-use, Keys2xInput is completely free and will likely be the one players use. It’s unknown yet if Epic will reverse its decision and reinstate Fortnite double movement on PC, or maybe even go the opposite direction and release another fix that kills even these third-party programs. When it comes to installing any third-party programs to alter online games, use at your own risk.

Elsewhere in Fortnite, players have been buzzing about various new skins coming to the game, including Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Rebirth Harley Quinn which is proving hard to get hold of as you have to buy a physical comic book to get it.