Dead by Daylight devs reveal Resident Evil chapter DLC

Resident Evil is coming to Dead by Daylight, and fans are overjoyed to see another iconic horror franchise join the game. New DLC means there’ll be new characters, locations, killers, and more, and we finally got the scoop on what new Resident Evil content will be entering the game soon. So, read on below to find out what the next Dead by Daylight DLC has in store.

What’s going to be in the Dead by Daylight Resident Evil DLC?

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Chapter DLC

As with previous chapters, the Resident Evil DLC for Dead by Daylight will bring two Survivors, a Killer, and a new map. It’ll also bring a new mechanic to the game to spice things up for players.

The two characters coming in the Resident Evil chapter are Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine. Details on all the perks for both characters haven’t been revealed yet, but we do know that Leon will have access to a Flashbang. When reaching a specific rate of repair progress on the generators, Leon will be able to enter a locker and craft a Flashbang, which can be used to blind the Killer temporarily.

Speaking of the Killer, we know this DLC will bring Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis into the game as The Tyrant (confusingly). He will be able to use tentacles attacks to infect Survivors. The more he infects them, the longer his tentacles’ reach increases. To counteract the infection, Survivors will have to search out vaccines hidden around the maps.

As a first, players won’t only have to dodge the Killer. AI-controlled zombies will lurk about waiting to bite unsuspecting players in the new map, the Raccoon City Police Station. Players might find this to be the toughest challenge yet in Dead by Daylight, and if the suspense doesn’t kill them, something else will.

The Resident Evil chapter will release for Dead by Daylight on June 15, 2021, on all platforms. Those that purchase the DLC for $11.99 will also get a free Umbrella Corporation charm.