New AndaSeat gaming chair celebrates partnership with Excel Esports

AndaSeat, known here on GameRevolution for producing many great gaming chairs, has announced a partnership with Excel Esports, “one of the most exciting esports organizations in the industry.” This partnership has resulted in the creation of the “Excel Edition” gaming chair.

New AndaSeat Excel Edition gaming chair

AndaSeat Excel Edition

The AndaSeat Excel Edition gaming chair is based on the Dark Demon model, however it “will be upgraded with specialized ergonomic design and high-end materials, which targets for a higher performance gaming style for e-sporters across the world.” Most notably, it will boast a black and retro green color scheme, reflecting the style of Excel Esports.

The new chair will also have racing style cut-outs, the Excel logo “XL” and the sword symbols on the backrest.

Zhou Lin, CEO & Founder of AndaSeat stated that “AndaSeat resolves to change the status quo in ergonomics of chairs, just as EXCEL aims to change the status quo in the world of esports. Gamers can take on the best and become the best, without sacrificing any comfort, and style.”

Also, for those interested in a new gaming desk, this partnership is also resulting in the launch of “Excel desk,” which based on the Mask 2 model.

It’s not yet known when the Excel Edition chair or Excel desk will launch and for what price, or what the final designs even look like, so hopefully AndaSeat will reveal more soon.