Trisha Paytas quits H3 Podcast ‘Frenemies,’ H3H3’s Ethan Klein responds

YouTube star and podcast host, Trisha Paytas, took to her YouTube channel this morning to announce her departure from the ‘Frenemies’ podcast that she co-hosts with H3H3’s Ethan Klein. After an argument on the most recent episode, which involved disagreements over finances and creative differences, Trisha stated that she feels that it is best to step away from the ‘Frenemies’ podcast.

The fight started over decisions made in regards to new people hired for the production team allegedly without her input, a new studio that Ethan had purchased for H3 Podcasts, and Trisha being left out of the general decision-making process in regards to the podcast itself.

The podcast on the H3 Podcast channel has by far been the channel’s most popular series, with viewer numbers surpassing the number of subscribers the channel has with over 3-million views per episode. The departure of Trisha from ‘Frenemies’ isn’t just a blow to the millions of fans that watch the podcast, but to the H3 Podcast channel as well.

Why Trisha Paytas quit Frenemies podcast

This leaves Ethan Klein without his co-host once again as this isn’t the first time we have seen Trisha quit the podcast. 5 months ago during an episode of the podcast, Trisha stormed off the set after an argument during the episode. Since Trisha’s video went out, Ethan has responded. This also comes after the official H3 Podcast Twitter account posted a link to the latest episode and also stated that this would be the final episode of the series.

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