The literal opposite of the Nintendo Switch Pro announcement happened at E3 2021

With rumors swirling around the internet many months before E3, many were expecting the latest Nintendo Direct to divulge details of a new Nintendo Switch Pro. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, Nintendo revealed a limited-edition version of an old console, spruced up for the Zelda anniversary.

Was the Nintendo Switch Pro announced at E3 2021?

Was Nintendo Switch Pro announced

No, the Nintendo Switch Pro was not announced at E3 2021.

In fact, the complete opposite happened, with Nintendo instead announcing a special edition old console. The Legend of Zelda Game and Watch was revealed towards the end of the Nintendo Direct E3 presentation.

While it’s guaranteed to interest hardcore Zelda fans and/or nostalgic Game and Watch enthusiasts, this console doesn’t quite match up to the hype surrounding a Nintendo Switch Pro. Many were expecting an announcement, but it never came.

Thankfully, the standard Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are available for purchase.

Instead of running games at 4K, Nintendo fans can instead play Zelda on a clock.

To be fair to Nintendo, it had stated that the Nintendo Direct E3 event would only be covering software news, and so viewers shouldn’t have expected to see any new hardware. With that said, folks were still disappointed by the Pro console’s absence.

With some great-looking games coming to Switch hardware in the next year, it’s hard to believe that the over four-year-old console is going to be able to pump out great graphics. Skeptics still await news of a Nintendo Switch Pro.

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