Fortnite mothership movement hints at Coral Castle’s destruction

The Invasion event in Fortnite is now fully underway, as the ominous mothership in the sky is starting to move. Currently, it’s hovering over Apollo Island, but as it moves, fans are wondering where it’ll end up. Read on to see where it might be going and what parts of the Fortnite map it might destroy.

Where will the Fortnite Mothership stop moving, and what will it destroy?

Though nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games yet, renowned Fortnite leaker HYPEX has given us a pretty good idea of where the mothership will end up. They’ve tracked the trajectory of the mothership for the last week. It’s heading counter-clockwise around the bottom half of the map, and many speculate it’s approaching Coral Castle.

Of course, the mothership could keep moving along the periphery of the map. That said, Coral Castle seems like a likely destination. On average, the mothership makes a movement every 22 minutes, but as the Invasion event continues, the Coral Castle landing seems most likely. It’s located on the top-left area of the Fortnite map. As the mothership continues moving, it could easily end up here.

It also seems like rather than just landing, the Fortnite mothership is going to do some damage. The current theory is that it will completely destroy Coral Castle in the process, in the same way that Dusty Depot was destroyed back in Chapter 1. Of course, Coral Castle might survive, but with an ominous spaceship on its way, the future doesn’t look bright for the castle. We don’t know when the destruction will take place, but it’s bound to be soon, as the mothership keeps moving.

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