Million Doge Disco is Pokemon Go meets Tamagotchi with real crypto

Million Doge Disco is a “highly interactive NFT” containing its very own mobile video game. The browser-based application incorporates mapping data and AR elements similar to those found in Pokemon Go. Additionally, players must care for their “Dogeagotchi” in order to increase its real-world value on the crypto exchange.

What is the Million Doge Disco release date?

Million Doge Disco release date

Anyone looking to play Million Doge Disco on Android or iPhone (iOS) can join the Disco Doge NFT waitlist. There isn’t an exact Million Doge Disco release date at this time, though people on the Dogeagotchi NFT waiting list will be the first to know.

After purchasing a limited-edition Disco Doge NFT, investors can visit to start interacting with their Tamagotchi-like Dogeagotchi. By taking the Disco Doge on walks, users can increase their loyalty score and find AR Dogecoin (DOGE) with real monetary value. Giving these Dogecoins to the Dogeagotchi will then increase its value.

Players will be able to customize their unique Disco Doge NFT with various “disco gear,” like wigs and shades. It isn’t yet clear if Dogeagotchi outfits might also impact their market value, however. There’s even an AR camera filter allowing owners to play dress-up and take pictures wearing the iconic Doge sunglasses.

It isn’t yet clear how much Dogeagotchi NFTs will cost, or by how much they might increase in value. NFTs vary wildly in price, often depending on their rarity. Since the Million Doge Disco game is a “master plan to get the entire world dancing together,” it seems reasonable to assume that the initial asking price won’t astronomical.

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