Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2? Hugh Jackman tease makes fans hopeful

Image: Disney/20th Century Fox

Could there be a Wolverine Doctor Strange 2 cameo? Thanks to a couple of recent Instagram posts showing Hugh Jackman and Kevin Feige in a picture together alongside Wolverine’s claw, it certainly seems like a Wolverine MCU appearance may be on the cards — and fans believe it could happen in next year’s Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Here’s everything known about Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman could be teasing a Wolverine Doctor Strange 2 appearance

Wolverine Doctor Strange 2

Image: 20th Century Fox

In the last day, Hugh Jackman posted two pictures to his Instagram stories that sent Marvel fans into intense speculation. The first was a repost of an excellent piece of concept art by BossLogic showing Wolverine’s claws, which was cool enough, except it was immediately followed up by a picture of Jackman with Marvel head Kevin Feige.

Possibly the biggest fan theory is that Hugh Jackman will not be returning as Wolverine/Logan throughout the MCU, but rather will have a small appearance in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness when that arrives next year. The ending of WandaVision and the current Loki series have all been teasing the introduction of a Marvel multiverse, and since it would be odd to have Wolverine in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it seems probable that it’ll happen in Doctor Strange 2 — if it does at all.

According to YouTuber Grace Randolph, Kevin Feige has wanted to have Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine for a while now, so there certainly may be truth to this rumor. As for Doctor Strange 2 though, it’ll be out on March 23, 2022 — and hopefully, Marvel Studios won’t do to Hugh Jackman what they did with fellow X-Men star Evan Peters.

Elsewhere in Marvel news, the first MCU movie in seemingly forever is out this week, and the reviews for Black Widow have started going live. As for unconfirmed movies, could fans possibly see a Moon Knight movie or a Loki movie following the end of the Disney Plus shows? It’s entirely possible.