Loki Movie 2021: Is there going to be a new film in cinemas?

Is there a chance of a Loki movie 2021 announcement coming following the end of the Disney Plus series? Loki episode 4 starts streaming tomorrow and there are only six episodes in the season, but instead of Loki Season 2 could Marvel reveal a full movie instead? It’s entirely possible given what Disney has done before. Here’s all the evidence that a Loki MCU movie could be revealed this year.

Is there a Loki movie 2021 reveal coming?

Loki Movie 2021

It is entirely possible that Disney and Marvel could reveal a Loki movie at the end of episode six of the Disney Plus series, rather than Season 2 of the show. So far, all the Disney Plus Marvel shows have been one-offs that connect to movies, with no plans for further seasons.

WandaVision episode 10 made further episodes impossible but directly set up both Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Captain Marvel 2/The Marvels.

It’s the case of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier that’s more interesting, however, as the final episode set up a new Captain America movie starring Anthony Mackie as the new Cap — which was then immediately confirmed by Marvel, with the show’s head writer working on the script.

The same could easily happen for Loki. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is one of the most popular characters in the MCU, and was so instantly beloved after the first Thor that he was immediately chosen to be the sole villain of The Avengers movie. Despite his death in Avengers: Infinity War, a surprise return after his disappearance in Endgame would shock the heroes of Earth.

Fans also shouldn’t forget the Season 2 finale of fellow Disney Plus series The Mandalorian, which surprise-introduced a new Boba Fett series in the post-credits scene, so Disney is becoming known for introducing exciting new projects in the finales of its shows. It’s certainly possible that a Loki movie could get announced at the end of show, especially with no obvious alternate project for Disney to tease — save, perhaps, the reveal that Lady Loki/Sylvie could be in Thor: Love And Thunder.