Sea of Thieves may finally tell Belle’s story

A new Sea of Thieves Belle tease has fans wondering if the fan-favorite character will finally be making an appearance in the game. The character of Belle, the “Legend of the Deep,” appeared in pieces of earlier footage, promotional art, and even a statue that’s currently standing in Rare’s lobby. Now the latest Sea of Thieves story tease suggests that Belle’s story may be told at last, perhaps following the new Pirates of the Caribbean crossover.

What is the Sea of Thieves Belle tease?

The new tease regarding Belle and the possible long-awaited introduction of the character came via the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account, and immediately got fans excited at the idea of finally learning her story. It started with a thread about Jack Sparrow’s compass and how it always points to what the user most wants — possibly referencing this bug in the game which still hasn’t been fixed as of today. In the threat, a fan asked about learning about Belle’s story, which the official account replied to with a cryptic “not yet.”

The original tweet received 82 replies, not counting retweets, yet the account only replied to this one and a funny one about an owl. Fans immediately noticed the reply and its wording, which suggests that the character of Belle hasn’t been forgotten about. Belle featured in early footage as either a Pirate Lord or a ghost pirate and had pride of place in the Sea of Thieves showing at E3 2017 with a statue that currently stands in Rare’s lobby, not to mention being part of three collectible figures for E3 2018 — after the game launched in March 2018.

It’s surprising that such a major character still hasn’t even made a single appearance in the game, so hopefully players will get to meet Belle soon. Once Rare is done fixing the Pirates of the Caribbean update, of course.