Skarlet Arrives in Mortal Kombat; Full Move and Fatality List

The long-awaited first Mortal Kombat DLC character, Skarlet, is now available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE for download. In our effort to spill the most blood possible, we've already uncovered all of her moves, and finishing moves, including two fatalities, a stage fatality and a babality.

360: X(1) – Y(2) – A(3) – B(4)

PS3: Square(1) – Triangle(2) – X(3) – Circle(4)

Move List

Up Slash: D, F, 2

Down Slash: D, B, 2

Blood Drop: D, B, 4

Red Dash: D, F, 3

Red Slide (during Red Dash): 4

Blood Ball: F, D, B, 1 (can aim with U or D)

Dagger Toss: D, F, 1

Air Dagger (close): D, B, 1 (in air)

Air Dagger (far): D, F, 1 (in air)

Fatality List

Blood Bath (close): D, B, D, D, Block

Make It Rain (jump): F, B, D, D, 4

Stage: F, B, F, 1

Babality (jump): D, B, D, F, 2