Fake Spider-Man: No Way Home posters used by theaters due to Sony’s lack of marketing

Spider-Man: No Way Home posters have been popping up in US theaters in advance of its December release date. However, given that there have been no official Spider-Man: No Way Home posters or trailers, or any marketing of the sort from Sony, fans have noticed something odd — these posters are fake and fan-made.

Is this a Spider-Man: No Way Home poster leak?

Spider-Man No Way Home poster leak

As desperate as Spider-Man fans are to learn anything new about No Way Home, there has been no leak of anything other than the new black and gold suit that may possibly have a connection to Loki or Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. As fans spotted, Cinepalace and Westown Movies theater chains in the US have begun putting up posters for the new Spider-Man movie, but it was immediately pointed out that these posters are fan-made.

The one on the right for Westown Movies even appears on the theater’s website, although it’s a fan poster created by Nuno Sarnadas/Dark Design and posted on Instagram back in February. Sarnadas seems to specialize in cool fan posters, such as this awesome one for next year’s Thor: Love And Thunder which could easily be mistaken for a real one.

Of course, this is only happening because despite being just five months away, there is still no official trailer or posters for Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s likely not happening this week either since Zendaya, who plays MJ in the series, is currently promoting the upcoming Dune trailer instead. Hopefully, Sony will pick up the pace very soon.

Elsewhere in Marvel news, Loki reached its stunning conclusion with a setup for all of the MCU’s Phase 4, although Black Widow’s final scene seems to be suggesting that Marvel is building up to a Dark Avengers movie too.