Belgians Find New Drug Dubbed Nintendo, Stronger Than Mushrooms

An organization monitoring drugs in Belgium discovered this new pill dubbed "NIntendo" which is even imprinted with the Japanese game publisher and hardware manufacturer's name.

The drug is primarily made up of MDMA or the primary drug in Ecstasy pills, featuring an extremly high dosage of the substance that could potentially prove fatal for users at a young age.

While the drug has surfaced thanks to a program in Belgium where individuals can bring their substances in for a quality spot-check, the origin has not entirely been established, though reports suggest it could originate from China.

A user reports that the pills contain "approximately 200mg of MDMA" and that within an hour of eating half a Nintendo, the effects were extremely noticeable:

11:15pm – my friend is literally rolling around the floor and i'm complaining that nothing is happening.

11:30pm – it starts to kick in for me and i start smiling and touching things, we're both feeling very euphoric and a little empathetic with each other, we realised this was going to be fun

12pm – both rolling hard, i'm guessing because it's our first time its real strong for us, we're rolling everywhere, staring at my lampshade and laughing for ages, saying how pretty the walls and lights are!

1am – from this point on everything is a bit of a blur, the other half kicked in hard and i felt on top of the world, we were both so euphoric and empathetic we spent one second dancing and the next minute cuddling saying we loved each other

The comments at corroborate the strength of Nintendo, but there's also a ton of misspelled words and typos so take those with a grain of salt.

No, a grain of salt. Not another pi–. Nevermind.

[Via Kotaku]