Habitat Opens via Steam Early Access

Habitat is a new world-building game that actually gives players their own space to create well off planet and it's now available via Steam Early Access for anyone looking to get in on the ground floor, so to speak.

The developers write that players will "be faced with grim choices where managing your limited resources can mean the different between life and death."

As mysterious and powerful enemies mount attacks against your habitat, you'll learn to craft kinetic weapons and defend your stellar stronghold. As you fight, explore, and create, you may even learn the truth about the Earth's desctruction and discover the secret to humanity's survival among the stars.

Habitat started as a Kickstarter project where it was funded to the tune of just over $60,000. Now you can buy the game via Steam Early Access for $14.99 or buy a two-pack for $19.99 so you and a friend can join together in-game.