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Overwatch 2’s Kiriko Cosmetics Take Five Years to Unlock Without Microtransactions

Overwatch 2‘s new hero Kiriko is becoming emblematic of the sequel’s major issue with microtransactions, as players have discovered the ludicrous amount of time it will take to unlock all of her cosmetics using coins earned in-game.

Kiriko, the first brand-new hero added to Overwatch 2, boasts a variety of cosmetics from new skins to weapon charms and voice lines. These cosmetics are purchased using coins, which can either be earned through gameplay or by purchasing packs for real money.

Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko’s cosmetic prices detailed

Kiriko’s nonseasonal unlocks currently add up to 15,600 coins in total, as outlined on Reddit. The unlocks are priced as follows:

  • 5 skins: 2200 coins
  • 3 emotes: 1500 coins
  • 5 souvenirs: 2500 coins
  • 5 weapon charms: 3500 coins
  • 2 victory poses: 600 coins
  • 9 voice lines: 900 coins
  • 10 sprays: 1000 coins
  • 2 highlight intros: 1400 coins

Currently, if you complete all 11 of the game’s weekly challenges, you’ll receive 60 coins in total. This means it would take 260 weeks to earn enough coins to obtain all the unlocks for Kiriko, excluding those distributing via Twitch drops and achievements, which would only increase the time you needed to grind.

Overwatch 2’s Season 1 launch trailer

On the other hand, players can head to the in-game shop (if it’s working for them and not missing, as it is for many users) and use real money on one of its packs to get coins. Currently, the Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack gives 2000 coins and a bunch of old Overwatch skins for $39.99, while the starter pack provides 500 coins and a Doomfist skin for $4.99. There is also a Kiriko Legendary Offer bundle, with five cosmetic items provided for 200 coins.

Given that coins are earned so slowly through gameplay alone, this is likely an incentive from Blizzard to encourage players to purchase the packs or bundles with real money. However, even if a player purchases the packs, they’d still only have 2,500 coins — a long way off the 15,600 coins necessary to grab all of Kiriko’s purchasable cosmetics.

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