Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Lets You Play as T-Bone

Ubisoft has just announced a new piece of story-centric downloadable content for Watch Dogs. It's called Bad Blood and is set to launch on September 23rd for those with a Season Pass and a week later on the 30th for everyone else.

For the first time, players will get to take control of T-Bone to tackle 10 new missions in the add-on campaign. In addition, Bad Blood adds "Street Swap" contracts, which provide a steady stream of side missions that'll keep you busy in Ubi's virtual Chicago long after the main story is complete. Oh, and you can enjoy those with a buddy, as co-op support is included as well.

On top of that, new weapons, perks, and outfits are being tossed into the mix. So yeah, I'd say there's plenty here for Watch Dogs fans to get excited about.