Watch Dogs: Legion save games are being corrupted by autosave bug

Impatient PC players are inadvertently corrupting their Watch Dogs: Legion save games by exiting too early. Reports indicate that this issue is likely only on the PC version of the game, but PC players will have to be cautious.

As with most modern games, Ubisoft’s newest game Watch Dogs: Legion features an autosave system. Unfortunately, it only has an autosave system — there is no way for players to manually save the game. The autosave process is apparently taking too long for some players and that’s resulting in a serious problem for their save data.

How PC players are corrupting their Watch Dogs: Legion save games

Watch Dogs: Legion save games corrupt pc alt F4

Watch Dogs: Legion save games are created automatically as the player progresses in the game. Unfortunately, this autosave system can take a very long time, so some players are hitting Alt+F4 if the game appears to freeze after hitting “Quit to Main Menu.” This is resulting in corruption that makes it take even longer to save the game, compounding the issue and potentially ruining a player’s chances at enjoying the upcoming New Game+ feature.

The issue is explained in detail in a very technical thread on the Ubisoft forums (via Reddit). Forcing the game closed while its autosaving will partially corrupt the save — this means that it will take even longer for the game to autosave the next time a player tries to quit. These issues appear to be compounded by a multi-threaded saving system that has some issues of its own.

No matter how many tech upgrade points you may spend, it appears that the player can’t do much to fix this issue other than to avoid using Alt+F4 to exit the game. If Watch Dogs: Legion locks up or slows down when a player presses “Quit to Main Menu,” the best option is to wait as long as it takes for the autosave to complete. Ubisoft hopes to have this issued fixed in an upcoming hotfix patch on November 9. Unfortunately, players will still have to wait a while to play Watch Dogs: Legion with friends.